vummiv WiFi network outages Oct. 30-31 in preparation for retirement

In December 2019, Vanderbilt’s vummiv WiFi network will be retired. After December, any device connected to the vummiv network will no longer have network access unless switched over to one of the other campus WiFi networks.

In preparation for the retirement, vummiv will be unavailable from 6 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 30, to 4 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 31. Devices such as computers and phones may automatically look for other network connections. Wireless devices such as cameras, research or monitoring equipment, Mondopads and A/V conferencing systems, etc., that are currently connected to vummiv will need to be reconfigured to connect to one of the other VU WiFi networks. Please contact the VUIT Help Desk at (615) 343-9999 (3-9999 on campus) or your local support provider if you need assistance reconnecting wireless devices prior to, during or after the outage window.

 VU has four WiFi networks on campus:

  • vuNet– a network for VU faculty, staff, and students; vuNet is the preferred network for computers, cell phones, and tablets
  • vuGuest – a network for visitors to campus
  • eduroam– a global roaming network that allows VU faculty, staff, and students to automatically connect to the internet on campus and when visiting other participating institutions
  • vuDevices– a network specifically designed for connecting gaming consoles and other smart devices to WiFi

For more information about VU WiFi networks, visit or see the flier below.

wireless network improvements VUIT flyer

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