ImmersionHub launched; Class of 2022 can submit plan proposals, faculty can submit student opportunities

Vanderbilt students and faculty now have access to ImmersionHub, a project management system designed to track the progress of Immersion Vanderbilt projects and provide information about the recently launched undergraduate degree requirement.

“The launch of ImmersionHub is exciting news,” said Vanessa Beasley, vice provost for academic affairs. “Now faculty will be able to advertise opportunities for students to get involved in their research and other projects, and students will be able to read about what’s available across campus and then submit their plans and track their progress.”

ImmersionHub provides two basic resources to undergraduate students pursuing the Immersion requirement and the faculty who are mentoring them through the process: a student plan proposal system and an opportunities database.

The proposal system includes a plan proposal form, designed for students to submit potential Immersion projects. Students can view the status of their plans as they move through the initial approval process and add experiences after their plan is approved. Each student plan is submitted to the Office of Immersion Resources, which certifies proposals and sends the plans to the appropriate school or college. Faculty directors of Immersion and Immersion coordinators will receive the plans and facilitate the approval process. Ultimately, each plan will be approved by an Immersion faculty adviser.

The opportunities database functions as a clearinghouse for Immersion opportunities submitted by faculty and campus offices via an online form. Students can use the database to find activities that coincide with their Immersion plan ideas as part of their overall Immersion Vanderbilt experience.

While not eligible to formally fulfill Immersion Vanderbilt, students who enrolled at Vanderbilt prior to the Class of 2022 also will be able to view ImmersionHub and access the opportunities database to identify experiences that can enhance and enrich their time at Vanderbilt.

“The ImmersionHub system is a project management tool that will streamline the process students follow to submit plans, track their experiences, and eventually submit their final projects. The Office of Immersion Resources is energized by the ideas the students have already shared with us and is poised to advise and facilitate now that the system is launched,” said Carolyn Floyd, director of the Office of Immersion Resources.

Additional features of ImmersionHub include a tool to book OIR advising sessions, frequently asked questions, tutorials and a list of Immersion-related events.

Direct links and more information about ImmersionHub can be found on the Immersion Vanderbilt website.