Vanderbilt to host Tennessee Triennial artwork in 2021

Vanderbilt University will play a key role in the Tennessee Triennial for Contemporary Art, scheduled for Feb. 5-May 2, 2021, by hosting artwork for the event in the Fine Arts Gallery. The Tennessee Triennial will be spread across four cities, placing art in museums, contemporary art spaces and universities in Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and Chattanooga.

“Exhibitions play a critical part in the gallery’s mission to provide access to the arts that enriches instruction, immersion and discovery,” said Celia Walker, acting director of the Fine Arts Gallery. “We’re pleased to be working with Locate Arts and the Tennessee Triennial curators to bring this exciting exhibition to Vanderbilt University, showcasing the state’s vibrant arts community in conversation with colleagues from around the country.”

In the past decade, several U.S. cities, such as Honolulu, Kansas City, Cleveland and St. Louis, have launched biennial-style arts events. The timing of the Tennessee Triennial will closely follow the next presidential inauguration and will feature works created by artists working in the United States, many of them in response to political discord.

The artist list will be finalized later this year.