VUIT: Don’t forget to check your spam filter

VUIT’s spam filter, VUmailguard, protects against unwanted emails by using the spam protection in Microsoft Office 365. A notification email is sent if there is a quarantined message requiring review. Users can either release the message from quarantine or ignore it.

If an expected email has not been received, users should try checking the spam quarantine before reporting it to their local service provider.

Quarantined emails can be checked at any time by logging in to with a Vanderbilt email address* and ePassword.

*Please note that login information for several Vanderbilt services (including the email quarantine service) has changed from the address to a user’s primary Vanderbilt email address (usually

For more information about VUmailguard and accessing the email quarantine, please visit the VUmailguard webpage.

For questions or additional information, please contact your local support provider.

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