Medical Scientist Training Program hosts local middle school students

Students from Vanderbilt’s Medical Scientist Training Program hosted middle school students from LEAD Academy and their teachers for a series of interactive activities focused on science and medicine. (Vanderbilt University)

Students from Vanderbilt’s Medical Scientist Training Program recently hosted on campus 160 fifth- and sixth-graders from LEAD Academy and Dickson County Schools to introduce them to physician-scientist careers through a series of interactive stations focused on science and medicine.

The middle school students learned about robotics and prosthetics while making models of their thumbs, extracted DNA from strawberries, looked at microbes and blood through a microscope, and more.

Abin Abraham and Matthew Wleklinski, M.D./Ph.D. students in the MSTP program, organized the annual two-day outreach event May 8 and 14, and more than 30 Vanderbilt MSTP students volunteered their time.

MSTP student Tory Martucci (right) helps middle school students extract DNA from strawberries. (Vanderbilt University)
Middle school students examine a cow heart with MSTP student Elizabeth Moore. (Vanderbilt University)
MSTP student Maxwell Roeske explains how the heart and lungs deliver oxygenated blood to our organs. (Vanderbilt University)
MSTP student Evonne McArthur helps local middle school students create a model of their thumbs as they learn about prosthetics and bionics. (Vanderbilt University)
The students look at microbes under the microscope with MSTP student Matt Madden. (Vanderbilt University)
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