Public Safety encourages pedestrian safety across campus

(Vanderbilt University)

Vanderbilt is a walkable campus, and pedestrian safety is a top priority. The Office of Workplace Safety encourages the Vanderbilt community to follow basic pedestrian safety by observing the following guidelines:

  1. Put down your phone. Pay attention to your surroundings and know that messages can wait. For emergency phone use, find a good stopping place out of traffic before resuming a call or texting.
  2. Help fellow pedestrians. Report dangerous conditions such as misplaced bricks, damaged sidewalks or other trip hazards to Facilities for repair at 615-343-9675.
  3. Look both ways when crossing the street. In the state of Tennessee, the pedestrian only has the right of way at intersections and driveways. Pedestrians have a statutory duty to yield to vehicles in all other areas of the road. Always look both ways and make eye contact with a stopped driver while crossing the street.
  4. Share the sidewalk. Pedestrians should be aware of their surroundings and make room for those sharing the sidewalk.
  5. Be a responsible scooter user. FutureVU’s mobility and transportation initiative, MoveVU, supports alternative modes of travel for the campus community, including scooters. Be mindful of pedestrians as you scoot and make sure to park scooters at designated parking areas and bike racks and never in front of building entrances, in the middle of pathways and sidewalks, or on accessible ramps. If you notice an improperly parked scooter, you can move it out of the way if you are able, or report it either to the company or VUPS at 615-322-2745.
  6. Walk facing traffic. If there is not a sidewalk available, be sure to walk facing the flow of traffic so that if a car approaches, you will be aware of its presence and can get out of the way if necessary.
  7. Wear reflective clothing or bright colors at night. Wear a safety vest or a headlamp when walking or using scooters or bicycles on sidewalks and streets at night.
  8. Ask for an escort. Pedestrians who feel the need for extra security while navigating campus can call VUPS Communications at 615-322-2745 to request a Community Service Officer to escort them to their destination, or request the Virtual Walk Home feature through the VandySafe app, where VUPD will monitor you as you walk home, to your car, or to the office.

For more information, contact Tamara Cooley, workplace safety officer, at