Campus collaboration inspires children to create sustainable art

VCFC upcycled art contest
Lindsay Williams, SEMO student intern and Andrea George, director of SEMO, visit the VCFC to judge the upcycled art contest.

The Sustainability and Environmental Management Office partnered with the Vanderbilt Child and Family Center to judge an “upcycled” art contest for VCFC students ages 1 through 5.

“Having our students reimagine materials through art expands their creativity while learning valuable lessons about reusing materials in a way that helps our planet,” said Kathleen Seabolt, director of VCFC.

Students used packaging materials left over from a shipment to the Child and Family Center and materials brought in from home to create art projects. Staff from SEMO visited the center to judge the contest.

“Learning to care for our environment through sustainable practices like upcycling is something we can begin to teach our youngest campus learners,” said Andrea George, director of SEMO. “Inspiring them to do something fun that is also good for the environment can make a lasting impression.”

Classroom winners included:


  • 1st Place – Ginkgo City
  • 2nd Place – River City
  • 3rd Place – Recycle Bus


  • 1st Place – Batman Building and Music City Guitars
  • 2nd Place – Castle Fort
  • 3rd Place – Cap the Rainbow


  • 1st Place – Robot Washing Machine
  • 2nd Place – Animal Playhouse

Visit the Vanderbilt Child and Family Center website for more information.

Visit the SEMO website for more information.

VCFC upcycled art contest

VCFC upcycled art contest

VCFC upcycled art contest

VCFC upcycled art contest

VCFC upcycled art contest