Basic Sciences students, staff, faculty showcase talent

Graduate students, staff and faculty across the biology and biomedical science disciplines took a break from their research to showcase their other talents—singing, dancing, instrumental performance and displaying art—during an event Dec. 13 in Turner Recital Hall at the Blair School of Music.

The showcase, the first of its kind, was led by Jeff Jian and Caroline Cencer, second-year students in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program, and sponsored by the Office of Biomedical Research Education and Training. Erin Calipari, assistant professor of pharmacology, and Carlos Lopez, assistant professor of biochemistry, emceed the showcase, and Beth Bowman, assistant director of graduate programs in the biomedical sciences, organized the event.

“I think that everyone in the audience watching the performers or enjoying the artwork was genuinely blown away by the diversity and sheer level of talent by our scientists. I certainly was,” Bowman said. “I am thrilled that we could show that our researchers aren’t just talented at the bench.”

Participating performers included: Maureen Gannon, Spencer Andrei, Alyssa Rodriguez, David Elion, Eli McDonald, Xinyu Dong, Chi Zhao, Kirill Zavalin, Chantel Wilson, Kristen Black, the Pretty Cool Researchers and Dalton Greenwood.

Participating artists included: Arya Nakhe, Kaitlyn Browning, Mary Lauren Benton, Alexis Jameson, Ashley Christensen, Richard Caprioli, Archana Krishnamoorthy, Xinyu Dong, Kendra Oliver, Cayla Ontko, Tin Nguyen, Kaitlyn Schaaf, Maria Fomicheva, Linda May-Zhang, Esha Dalvie and Beth Bowman.

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