Apply for global service opportunities in Ecuador, Morocco through OACS

The Office of Active Citizenship and Service sponsors global service programs in Ecuador and Morocco that challenge students to question their perspectives and roles in the shared human experience through pre-service curriculum, intensive service immersion, post-service skills application, and continuous reflection.

Through this exposure to firsthand knowledge and lived experiences, students will examine the deeper issues related to equity and justice and identify systematic barriers to equity and inclusivity.

Students with a sincere desire to grapple with the complexity of human connectedness, to challenge their known values, and to reconcile academic knowledge with an authentic exploration of social and environmental injustices are encouraged to apply for an OACS Global Service Program.

Applications to participate in the six-week programs in Quito, Ecuador, and Rabat, Morocco, during summer 2019 are being accepted through Nov. 15.

For more information, visit the OACS website.


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