Flexner Deans Lecture: ‘The Power to Heal’

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Flexner Deans Lecture Series 2018-19:

“The Power to Heal”

David Barton Smith, Ph.D.


Monday, Oct. 8

208 Light Hall

Smith is an emeritus professor at Temple University and research professor in Drexel University’s Health Management and Policy Department. He was the recipient of a 1995 RWJ Health Policy Research Investigator Award to study the racial desegregation of America’s hospitals. His most recent book, The Power to Heal: Civil Rights, Medicare and the Struggle to Transform America’s Health System (Vanderbilt University Press), received the Goldberg Prize for the year’s best book in the area of medicine. He assisted in the development of a related documentary, released for airings on local PBS stations and broader public use in May 2018.

Boxed lunches available to those who RSVP by Thursday, Oct. 4, at 5 p.m.

There will be a dinner with Dr. Smith for a small group of students the night before the lecture on Sunday, October 7th; as well as a book club later in the month. If you are interested in attending either, please email 

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