Facilities invests in sustainable technologies across campus

The Division of Administration’s Facilities department has invested in two new sustainable technologies for the 2018-19 academic year. Integrating sustainable practices throughout campus is a fundamental element of FutureVU.

Seven Bigbelly solar-powered compacting trash cans and recycling bin units were installed around Rand Hall and one at the new Hank Ingram VandyVans shelter. The units increase the amount of trash that can fit into one bin so fewer trash cans are needed. The bins also use solar energy to report fullness status to Plant Operations, saving labor hours of emptying bins that may not be full.

“Taking a look at improving our current operations on campus while making a meaningful difference to reduce waste and energy is important,” said Mark Petty, assistant vice chancellor of plant operations. “Using sustainable technologies that are simple solutions to everyday problems is a win-win for facilities, the university, and ultimately the environment.”

Facilities also invested in two green mowers, which are electric-powered and reduce air pollution with zero emissions. Another added benefit is that the quieter mowers offer reduction in noise pollution and disruption to the campus community and require less routine maintenance.

Visit the Plant Operations website for more information on services.