Volunteers needed for Flulapalooza Sept. 26

Volunteers are needed for Flulapalooza—for clinical and non-clinical staff as vaccinators, vaccinator helpers, documenters and for help with patient flow.

Guidelines for working at the event:

  • Your participation in Flulapalooza must be approved by your supervisor.
  • Your department pays your usual salary when you work at Flulaplaooza, so they must OK your participation.
  • Clinical staff (vaccinators and vaccinator helpers) must be licensed/credentialed nurses, doctors, or pharmacists, or clinical students with a faculty member present.
    • Vaccinator helpers will assist the vaccinator and may be called upon to administer vaccinations in rare instances.
    • Vaccinators and vaccinator helpers will be required to complete an online education module prior to the event.
    • Vaccinators and vaccinator helpers must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of their vaccination shift for mandatory in-person training.
  • Non-clinical staff can volunteer as documenters or patient flow guides/greeters.
    • Documenters enter the flu vaccination information on a web-based application.
    • You will be required to complete training which will show you how to use the application. The training session is approximately 1 hour. You are required to complete this training module prior to the event.
    • You must have a valid Vanderbilt VUnetID to volunteer as a Documenter.
  • Patient Flow volunteers will assist with directing patients to the various locations within the Flulapalooza event area.
    • You may also be asked to provide other duties as assigned.
    • Patient Flow volunteers are not required to attend an online training session.
    • Patient flow guides and greeters will receive training 30 minutes prior to their scheduled shift.

If you want to work the event, you can sign up here.