Summer a great time to update Vanderbilt card

(Vanderbilt University)

University employees with older Vanderbilt ID cards should take advantage of the summer months—when the Commodore Card Office sees significantly less traffic from students—to get their cards updated.

The new Vanderbilt cards have a “sound wave” icon on the lower left corner of the card’s face. They feature “contactless” chip technology, which allows the user to simply place the card near a card reader to gain access to a building or office, use Campus Print services, or check in at special events, such as Employee Appreciation and the annual Flulapalooza.

“As we upgrade the old magnetic-strip readers around campus, we are replacing them with contactless-only readers, which are more reliable, more durable and much more convenient,” explained Mark Brown, assistant director of Business Services. “In many cases, you can leave your card in a purse or wallet when presenting it to the reader. Door access, Campus Print and special events all use contactless (iClass) readers, which are very secure.”

Employees who need an updated Vanderbilt card should bring their existing card to the Commodore Card Office in Sarratt Student Center, Room 184, next to the Local Java Coffee Shop. There is no charge to update a card when turning in a current one (for lost cards, a $20 fee applies). Any money, meals or door access on an existing card is automatically transferred to the new card. Employees also can take an updated photo if they wish.

“It’s a very quick process to exchange your card, and there is rarely a line at this time of year,” Brown said. “Estimated wait time is two to three minutes from entering the card office to exiting with your new card.”

Commodore Card Office summer hours

  • Monday–Thursday, 8:30 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • Friday, 8:30 a.m.–noon

Learn more about Vanderbilt Card Services, or contact the card office at 615-322-2273 or