New effort certification tool launches

A new web-based effort certification tool will launch the week of April 23. The new tool, called “ecrt,” will replace the effort certification process previously completed in the EPAC system.

Effort certification is a required compliance activity for entities that receive federal funding. The process provides assurance to federal sponsors that salaries charged to sponsored awards are reasonable in relation to the work performed.

Faculty with federal grants will use the new tool to certify their own effort and the effort of non-faculty who work on their projects. In addition, staff members in the departments will serve as effort coordinators and will be available to assist faculty in completing the process.

Faculty members will receive email notification that their effort statements for January and February 2018 are available for certification in ecrt. The deadline for this first certification is May 31, 2018. Effort will be certified on a quarterly basis.

Users can access ecrt from the SkyVU website or the Office of Contract and Grant Accounting website.

To learn more:

Watch a faculty training video, and download the guide on how to use ecrt >>