VUToday: Securing elections, Trump’s effect on politics, Sotomayor in weekly roundup of news

The Vanderbilt University Division of Communications publishes “VUToday,” a compilation of Vanderbilt mentions in the media, three times per week. Read a selection of Vanderbilt news stories for the week of April 2.

The Conversation: Paper trails and random audits could secure all elections – don’t save them just for recounts in close races
Eugene Vorobeychik
, assistant professor of computer science, writes about how to create secure, honest elections.

Salon: Yes, a blue wave is coming — but that doesn’t mean Donald Trump is facing political doom
Trump hasn’t transformed the political landscape as much as you think. Larry Bartels, May Werthan Shayne Chair in Public Policy and Social Science, is quoted and his research is discussed.

Washington Post: Why you’re bad at fact-checking those April Fools’ Day pranks
Lisa Fazio, assistant professor of psychology, explains the psychology behind why it is important to fact check. This piece was originally published by The Conversation.

The Tennessean: Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s Vanderbilt talk touched on Clarence Thomas, Bob Dylan
Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor slipped into the role of college professor Tuesday at Vanderbilt University. Speaking during a wide-ranging question-and-answer session at the law school, Sotomayor touched on a number of topics and urged students to “take charge of your failures” and seek out paths in life that stoked their passions. Vanderbilt law student Lea Gulotta is quoted.

NPR: It’s Senior Thesis Season

Vanderbilt student Alison Cribb was among the Class of 2018 soon-to-be graduates interviewed about their senior theses. She discussed her research on the Ediacaran Extinction.

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