Panel to examine whether carbon tax can address climate change

Representatives from the Manhattan Institute and the Partnership for Responsible Growth will join two Vanderbilt University professors for a conversation about carbon tax proposals.

People make daily decisions on the carbon emissions they will cause, but these choices have a global impact, say organizers of “Critical Conversations: A Carbon Tax.” The panel will discuss how society as a whole can make good decisions around carbon emissions, how policymakers of all political stripes are contributing, and whether a carbon tax can help tackle the threat of climate change.

Panelists are: Oren Cass, a senior fellow with the Manhattan Institute; George Frampton, co-founder of the Partnership for Responsible Growth; Michael Vandenbergh, David Daniels Allen Distinguished Chair of Law at Vanderbilt and director of the Climate Change Research Network; and Mark Cohen, Justin Potter Professor of American Competitive Enterprise at Vanderbilt.

The event is 3:30-5 p.m. Wednesday, March 21, in the Bennett Miller Room at Vanderbilt Law School. It is organized by the Adam Smith Society, the Energy, Environment and Land Use Program, and the Energy and Environmental Law Society and is free and open to the public.