Vanderbilt IT adds initiatives to Highlights site

Vanderbilt IT has added new articles showcasing fiscal year 2017 projects to the Highlights site, which captures major projects and initiatives from June 30, 2015, through today.

Articles included cover a wide span of university and internal initiatives, such as SkyVU news, projects related to the transition, the launch of a new application to protect against phishing, and improvements to classroom technologies.

The projects are organized by VUIT’s guiding principles:

  • Focus on our customers
  • Develop our team
  • Set the dials right
  • Cultivate governance
  • Consistently communicate

The site first launched in February 2016 and has been continually refreshed since then. VUIT will publish new articles on the site as the organization completes high-impact projects throughout the year.

For more information about the site, contact Leslie Buchanan at