VUToday: University’s $30M faculty investment in weekly roundup of VU news stories

University News and Communications publishes VUToday, a compilation of Vanderbilt mentions in the media, twice weekly. Read a selection of Vanderbilt news stories for the week of Aug. 28.

The Tennessean: Vanderbilt pledges $30 million investment in faculty as part of massive fundraising effort
Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos announced Vanderbilt University is setting aside $30 million to establish 30 new endowed chairs — a prestigious position for professors that comes with guaranteed research funding. Zeppos is quoted.

CNNTech: Video: Lab-created underwear could prevent back pain
The site features a video about a team of engineers from Vanderbilt University that has designed a discreet exoskeleton to help protect against back strain. The featured video was produced by Vanderbilt Video. Why energy-harvesting clothes will be such a huge deal
An initiative by Vanderbilt researchers is featured in this story about scientists from across the country working to develop fabrics that harvest energy from your body movements to provide juice for your cellphone or fitness tracker. Lead researcher Cary Pint, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, is quoted.

Salon: Trump’s threat to withdraw from NAFTA may hit a hurdle: The US Constitution
Tim Meyer, professor of law, discusses the constitutional limits hindering Trump’s ability to withdraw from NAFTA.

How Stuff Works: Sugars in human breast milk act as antibacterial agents
Vanderbilt University researchers have recently published new findings on the antibacterial properties shown by sugars in human breast milk. Senior author Steven Townsend, assistant professor of chemistry, is quoted. The article includes a video produced by Vanderbilt Video.

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