Employees enjoy free frozen treats at Vandy Chills

Tina Smith, interim vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion, hands out frozen treats.

Free ice cream and other frozen treats were a pleasant addition to the sunshine and warm breeze during Vandy Chills on Aug. 10.

Vanderbilt University employees cooled off with their frozen treats and enjoyed the company of colleagues on Library Lawn while the Vandy Chills ice cream truck made stops across campus, including Wyatt Center/East Hall, Magnolia Circle, the Engineering & Science Building and the Baker Building. SkyVU staff members were on hand with SkyVU napkins. Nearly 3,700 frozen treats were given out to Vanderbilt University employees during the event.

Vanessa Beasley, dean of The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons, manages the Vandy Chills ice cream truck.

Vandy Chills had a stellar turnout of volunteers, including administrators Vanessa Beasley, Tina Smith, John Lutz, Audrey Anderson, Steve Ertel and Valerie Hotchkiss. A special thanks also goes to the Vanderbilt University soccer program staff and other much-appreciated employees.

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Contact: Philip Draude, communications coordinator, Human Resources