Healthy adults ages 50-60 needed for neuromodulation study

This multiple-session study examines the relation between brain chemistry and decision-making. The study involves tests of cognitive (i.e. thinking) ability, personality tests, medical and psychiatric screenings and brain imaging.

The first part of the study takes approximately 10 hours spread over five sessions. All participants who complete the first part of the study and meet medical and psychiatric inclusion criteria will be invited to participate in a second paid study. Participants will receive a picture of their brain.

Compensation: $200.

Inclusion criteria: Healthy adults ages 50-60

Exclusion criteria: A history of psychiatric or neurological illness, current use of medications that impact attention or mood, a history of psychostimulant usage, current tobacco or nicotine use, and uncontrolled medical illness. For women, current pregnancy, lactation or trying to get pregnant.

For more information, please contact Scott Perkins, research analyst in the Zald Affective Neuroscience Lab, at 615-343-1446 or, or email