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Frequently asked questions regarding the university summer flex schedule

Jun. 1, 2017, 11:00 AM

What is the university’s summer schedule?

For 10 weeks—June 9 through Aug. 11—the university’s standard operating hours will be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to noon on Fridays. Units whose operating needs allow this may close their offices at noon on Fridays during this time.

How will staff adjust their work time?

If they can be off on Friday afternoons, staff should work with their managers to flex their work schedules. Some options include:

  • Work four 9-hour days Monday–Thursday and a half-day on Friday to reach 40 hours
  • Work four 10-hour days Monday–Thursday and take the entire day off on Friday, as long as the office has skeleton staffing
  • Work regular 8-hour shifts Monday–Thursday, work four hours on Friday morning, and report four hours of PTO for Friday afternoon

The plan does not provide additional paid time off; instead, the plan offers increased flexibility for staff with possible alternative summer schedules.

Do managers have to close their offices on Friday afternoons?

No. We recognize that for some campus units, Fridays are as busy as any other day during the summer. Some offices, programs and research labs must still work at full strength.

The summer schedule does give managers permission to close early on Fridays if business requirements allow. Units are encouraged to avoid scheduling meetings or activities on Friday afternoons during the summer, if at all possible.

How would FLSA-exempt staff report PTO time for Friday afternoon?

The current exempt time off system allows salaried professional staff to report paid time off only in full-day increments. When the Oracle system goes live on Jan. 1, 2018, the plan is to allow half-day reporting for exempt staff. For the time being, exempt staff should just arrange with their managers the best way to accomplish their week’s responsibilities, and report a PTO day when they’ve taken off the equivalent of a day’s time.

Can I choose to work Friday afternoons and use the time at another time?

Since this isn’t additional paid time off— rather, it is just the opportunity to flex your schedule if possible during the workweek—there is no paid time for you to “save up.” If your office or work unit is one that decides it can close or operate with skeleton staffing on Friday afternoons, non-exempt (hourly paid) staff should not work that time without express supervisor permission.

Is the choice of afternoon flexible? For example, could I take mine on a Tuesday instead of Friday?

Having a standard summer schedule allows all of us to know what to generally expect about others’ availability.

Some work units will still have to be open and staffed on Friday afternoons even if it’s outside of the summer schedule hours. For example, VU Public Safety, various research labs and staff in the Child and Family Centers must still be working and able to provide services to campus even during hours that the campus might not otherwise generally be considered open. The university also runs camps and conferences during the summer that must be staffed, and many staff in the finance areas are busy closing out the fiscal year. Staff who work in such areas will still need to follow their assigned schedules.

While you can discuss with your manager other flexible arrangements for your workweek, the purpose of this program is to have a common schedule of regular business operations for the campus where activity is generally understood to be quieter on Friday afternoons during the summer.