Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning announces spring Macrogrant recipients

The Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning is pleased to announce the recipients of its Macrogrant awards for the spring 2017 application cycle. This seed-funding program promotes development and research in digital learning, with the goal of jumpstarting innovative projects that may not otherwise receive pilot funding.

A faculty committee reviewed the Macrogrant proposals, with priority given to projects that demonstrate on-campus educational benefits and further research opportunities and high-level planning beyond the seed-funding phase.

The following projects were selected:

  • “The Search for a Patient’s Well-being: Collaborative Home Visit in a Virtual Immersive Environment

Primary Investigator: Heather Davidson, assistant professor of medical education and administration, and director of the Vanderbilt Program in Interprofessional Learning

  • “Confronting Legacies of Racism in a Changing South: A Digital Media Archive”

Primary Investigator: Sophie Bjork-James, assistant professor of the practice in anthropology

  • “Beyond Visible Light: Drone-Based Multispectral and Thermal Imaging for Archaeological and Environmental Field Research and Education”

Primary Investigator: Steven A. Wernke, associate professor of anthropology

  • “Improving Participation of Female Computer Science Majors and Professionals through Digital Learning with Groups of Mobile Robots Controlled by Android Apps

Primary Investigator: Taylor T. Johnson, assistant professor of computer engineering, computer science and electrical engineering

VIDL Macrogrants are awarded each fall and spring semester. For more information about the application process, visit the VIDL website.

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