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New three-part HR workshop available to employees

May. 31, 2017, 3:42 PM

Vanderbilt University employees now have the opportunity to attend a new three-part Human Resources workshop.

“Charting your Professional Future: Creating an Individual Development Plan” is designed for individuals who are serious about their continuing professional and career development and are ready to take ownership of that process.

In Session One you will be introduced to the Individual Development Plan (IDP)—a process that will enable you to identify the skills and knowledge you need to obtain maximum satisfaction and success from your work. You also will receive directions to complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) online.

In Session Two, you will receive your MBTI report, which focuses on your career development and the types of jobs that may be a good match for you.

In Session Three, you will learn some practical tips about résumé writing and interviewing along with information about the transfer process at Vanderbilt.

Because this process is completely self-directed, you might consider bringing a “buddy” who is also interested in completing an IDP and who will partner with you to stay on track and ensure accountability.

The three-part June workshop will be offered at the following times:

Session One: Thursday, June 8, noon–1 p.m.

Session Two: Thursday, June 15, noon–1 p.m.

Session Three: Thursday, June 22, noon–1 p.m.

Please note: You will receive an email confirmation when you register for this course. The email will contain an .ics calendar file that will allow you to save the details for Session One to your Outlook calendar. You will need to reserve time on your calendar for Session Two and Session Three separately.

The fee for the three-session workshop is $35. Please email payment information to the instructor on or before the date of Session One. The payment information should include: account number, center number, class date, participant name and the center approver’s authorization.

For more information, contact Clair Brigman at 615-322-832 or

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