Expanded, Earth-friendly donation and recycling options offered for Move Out

Just in time for student Move Out and spring cleaning your office, donation and recycling locations on campus will be expanded from April 20 to May 13. Earth-Friendly Move Out donation and recycling locations will be available until May 6 on the Ingram Commons and until May 13 on the main campus.


The Office of Housing and Residential Education (OHARE) will have multiple donation locations set up across campus that benefit a variety of nonprofit charities. At these locations you can donate any usable items, including appliances, clothing and other goods. Faculty and staff are encouraged to use the Highland Quad donation location, which includes a donation trailer that is easy to access without having to enter a residence hall. Additionally, you can post unwanted items on Vandy FreeSwap!


In addition to donation sites, the Sustainability and Environmental Management Office (SEMO) has expanded its locations for collecting items we recycle throughout the year.

  • Electronics: Personally owned unusable or broken electronics, computers and appliances may be dropped off in the specially designated areas outside residence halls during Move Out. Be sure to erase or destroy any personal data! Any VU-owned computers, electronics or appliances must follow the electronics recycling directions found here. These cannot be placed in the temporary drop-off sites.
  • Batteries, ink/toner cartridges, CFL bulbs and pens/mechanical pencils: Recycling is available year-round at many locations across campus, most often at the information desk or in the lobby. See a map of these recycling locations here.
  • Plastic, paper, cardboard and aluminum: Recycling is provided for these materials near residence halls. See a map of these recycling locations here.
  • Glass: Glass recycling is located at certain recycling centers on campus. See a map of these recycling locations here.

If you are staff or faculty performing a large clean-out and would like wheeled paper-recycling totes to use temporarily, please contact or call (615) 343-2784.

Details on residence-hall closings can be found on the Office of Housing and Residential Education website here. If you have a question about where to recycle items, please visit the SustainVU website, contact, or call 615-343-2784.

Contact: Matt Buckley, SEMO, (615) 343-2784