New Medical Center visitor wireless network now available

hand holding a smartphone

Vanderbilt University Medical Center has unveiled its new visitor wireless network, VUMCGuest, May 1. The new network offers an improved online experience for patients and visitors who wish to connect to the internet while at VUMC or one of its clinics.

The new network replaces the previous visitor network, vummiv. Unlike vummiv, VUMCGuest requires a password. The password to access the VUMCGuest wireless network is “vumcguest.”

Both vummiv and VUMCGuest networks will be available in Medical Center buildings until May 31. After May 31, all VUMC visitors will be required to use VUMCGuest for wireless access. The vummiv wireless network will continue to be available in university buildings.

Only patients and visitors should use VUMCGuest to gain internet access. If you have a Medical Center or university user ID, connect to the vuNet wireless network. The vuNet network places users on the VU-VUMC network, while VUMCGuest provides internet access only.

More information regarding additional network changes will be announced soon.

The new network is an outcome of the reorganization of the university and Medial Center into two separate entities. To learn more about the VU-VUMC reorganization, visit the Transition Management Office’s website. If you have questions about VUMCGuest, please contact