SECURITY NOTICE: Car jacking off campus

On Saturday, April 15, shortly after 2 a.m., the Vanderbilt University Police Department was notified of a carjacking that occurred on Villa Place near 15th Avenue South. Two people were outside their house when two males pointed a weapon at the victims and demanded their car keys. The two suspects then left the area driving toward Horton Avenue in the victim’s vehicle.

This carjacking is believed to be related to an attempted carjacking that occurred earlier. Two males approached a vehicle waiting at the light at 17th Avenue South and Horton Avenue, but were unsuccessful in stealing the vehicle.

Suspect descriptions: The suspects in both incidents are described as black males in their teens. One was wearing a light blue or green shirt.

None of the victims are affiliated with Vanderbilt University.

Risk reduction tips

  • Report suspicious persons or activities immediately.
  • Stay alert and trust your instincts. If you feel uneasy, leave. Go to a safe location and notify VUPD.
  • If a stranger does approach you, maintain a distance and be observant. If they are in a vehicle, get the license plate number.
  • Report any suspicious persons to VUPD. Be prepared to describe the person as best as you can.