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The House That ‘Corbs’ Built: Former Vanderbilt Players Help Fund New Baseball Facilities to Honor Coach Tim Corbin

by Apr. 7, 2017, 2:14 PM

If you want to get a handle on the game of baseball, a good place to start is with the ball itself, specifically the seams that tie it all together. The 108 red stitches—used by pitchers to alter the trajectory of throws, depending on subtle changes in their grip—are the threads that have bound the game throughout its history: Baseballs are still hand-stitched in much the same way they were a century ago.

In a similar sense, the bonds between teammates and their coaches can figure just as prominently in the game, and nowhere is this truer than at Vanderbilt under the direction of Head Coach Tim Corbin. During the past 15 seasons, Corbin has built an extended family of sorts with his players, including major-league stars like David Price, ’09, Sonny Gray, ’12, and Dansby Swanson, ’16. To them he will always be as much a father figure as he is a coach, known simply as “Corbs.”

In the able hands of Corbin, these tight bonds, or seams if you will, have helped put Vanderbilt Baseball on a remarkable trajectory of its own, propelling the Commodores to a national championship in 2014 during back-to-back appearances in the College World Series finals.

“The kids who come to the program are bound together by a sport,” Corbin says. “But inside the sport there’s a family as well. To have success, it’s necessary to nurture that family. The benefits from that are not always exposed on a scoreboard, but they are seen in the relationships the kids have and in their emotions about Vanderbilt once they leave.”


Originally published in Vanderbilt Magazine

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