Vanderbilt Police offers tips for preventing residential crime

Leaving the windows and doors of residences unsecured, whether to enjoy the warmer weather or to run a short errand, can lead to crimes of opportunity. Vanderbilt University Police Department offers the following reminders to prevent residential crime.

  • Make sure your home or residence hall room, including windows, are locked at all times.
  • Set alarms even if you are in the home.
  • Double-check these steps before going to bed or leaving your home.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings when entering or leaving your area, whether near home or away.

Also, VUPD is always available to conduct site surveys to help the university community develop the most effective methods to prevent burglaries and other crimes on campus. Those interested in this free service should contact VUPD’s Crime Prevention and Community Relations Officer, Lt. Leshaun Oliver, at or (615) 566-6960.

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