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Follow these Winter Break timekeeping tips

Dec. 21, 2016, 4:59 PM

Vanderbilt University’s Winter Break days count as holidays under the enhanced time off program announced earlier this year, instead of as PTO, for non-union employees. As you head out for (or return from) the break, make sure your time is recorded properly.

Please note that the university never completely closes; some work activities must occur even when classes are not in session. If you work on a designated holiday, you will receive alternate holiday time off or be paid for the day in lieu of taking time off later. Talk to your supervisor about your options if you work on a designated holiday.

Exempt employees who report time in the Exempt Time Off (ETO) system should see all days already marked as “Holiday.” If not, you can select “Holiday” from the drop down menu to report the time. If you work on any day of the Winter Break, remove “Holiday” from the day.

december_timekeepingNon-exempt employees who record time in the e-Timesheet system who do not work during the Winter Break should select “Holiday” from the Other Paid Hours section when reporting the time. A day of “Holiday” time is equal to 1/5 of your regular working hours in a week. For example, if you regularly work 30 hours per week, you would record six hours of “Holiday” time.

holiday_time_offNon-exempt employees who work on Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve Day), Dec. 25 (Christmas), or Jan. 1 (New Year’s Day) are eligible for a holiday pay differential. If you work on these days, you should record your work time both as regular hours worked and as “Holiday Premium” in the Differentials section. This code is only available on days that are eligible for the holiday pay differential. The other days of Winter Break are not eligible for the pay differential.

recording_time_offOther things to keep in mind:

  • Employees on a paid FMLA or other approved medical leave status using PTO, parental leave or grandfathered sick time are eligible for holiday time off. Employees on an unpaid medical leave status cannot take holiday time off or accrue it to use later. For example, if your condition grants you up to 12 weeks of job-protected leave, the seven work days that VU will be “closed” for Winter Break/New Year’s Day will not count toward this limit.
  • University holidays that fall during the two-week (14 calendar day) waiting period for short-term disability (STDI) can be counted toward the 14 calendar day wait as long as the employee is in an active, paid status on the day before and after the holiday, such as using PTO or parental leave.
  • Employees do not accrue holidays that fall during STDI or any other unpaid leave period to use at another time.

If you have questions, contact Human Resources.