Participants needed to study metabolic effects of the timing of meals

A Vanderbilt research effort is interested in how the time of day that you eat may affect your energy and weight. Researchers will examine your energy (metabolism) on two separate occasions, each time for two and a half days in an enclosed room (called a “whole-room calorimeter”) that measures energy balance.

Participants will stay for the entire two and a half days in the chamber, including sleeping time, and meals will be provided during the study. Each day you will be given two 20-minute breaks from the chamber along with an opportunity to take a shower.

Wi-fi, TV and your cell phone will be available.

The study, conducted by principal investigator Terry L. Page and researchers Carl Johnson and Mac Buchowski is funded by a Vanderbilt Discovery Grant.

If interested, please send an email to the address listed below to be considered for participation.

Participant criteria

Healthy adults 50+ years old


$200 for first 2.5-day visit, and $300 for second 2.5-day visit

Visit requirements

Three visits. The first will involve filling out a brief questionnaire and reviewing a document that explains the study in more detail and asks for your consent to be part of the study. The second and third visits will be 2.5 days each.

Contact: Kevin Kelly