New webpage answers FAQs about research collaborations post-separation

Research - illustA new Frequently Asked Questions page on the Sponsored Programs Administration website will help answer questions that faculty participating in trans-institutional research collaborations may have following the financial separation of Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

“Many administrative activities occurred at the time of financial separation to ensure that existing VU-VUMC research collaborations continued without interruption,” noted Padma Raghavan, vice provost for research. “This summer, we have worked to finalize all of the ‘interim’ agreements put in place in April 2016 that represent externally sponsored projects involving VU-VUMC collaborations.”

A result of this effort was the creation of the FAQ page, which will help faculty understand what has been accomplished and what remains to be done, Raghavan said.

In addition, Sponsored Programs Administration Director Janiece Harrison, assistant provost of research operations, is planning several activities in the coming weeks for departmental administrators to work through specific issues related to VU-VUMC collaborations, including planned monthly brown bag lunch sessions with SPA staff to answer questions and address concerns.

If faculty members have questions about establishing existing or future VU-VUMC sponsored collaborations, please contact the Sponsored Research Administration at or 615-322-1722.

Raghavan would also like to use this opportunity to invite Vanderbilt faculty to meet with her to discuss their research and how her office can facilitate its advancement. Interested faculty should contact

FAQs about VU-VUMC research collaborations >