Fifteen at Vanderbilt recognized by Fulbright U.S. Student Program

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is the largest U.S. exchange program offering opportunities for university students and alumni to undertake international graduate study, advanced research, university teaching, and primary and secondary school teaching in the form of English Teaching Assistantships (ETAs) worldwide. Named for the late Sen. J. William Fulbright of Arkansas, the program was established by Congress in 1946 to “enable the government of the United States to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.”

Fulbright operates in more than 140 countries worldwide and awards approximately 1,900 grants annually in all fields of study.

This year, Vanderbilt endorsed 41 candidates, 16 of whom were named semi-finalists at the end of January. Of this group, eight graduating seniors and four graduate students were offered grants (“finalists” in Fulbright parlance). Three students have been named alternates—an important designation, as many alternates subsequently become grantees.

Vanderbilt’s finalists for 2016-17 are as follows:

  • Keitlyn Alcantara Russell, Ph.D. candidate in Anthropology – Research grant, Mexico
  • Tamar Alexanian, English/HOD ’16 – English Teaching Assistantship, Taiwan
  • Lewis Collins, Master of Theological Studies ’16 – English Teaching Assistantship, Bulgaria
  • Grace Fuscoe, HOD/Spanish/Economics ’16 – English Teaching Assistantship, Mexico
  • Kyle Harper, Master’s in Latin American Studies ’16 – Research grant, Brazil
  • Sarah Jurgensmeyer, Cognitive Studies/Medicine, Health and Society ’16 – English Teaching Assistantship, South Africa
  • Rachel King, HOD ’16 – English Teaching Assistantship, Malaysia
  • Ana Luquerna, HOD/Political Science ’16 – English Teaching Assistantship, France
  • Lia Sacks, Special Education ’16 – English Teaching Assistantship, India
  • Michelle She, Second Language Studies/Education ’16 – English Teaching Assistantship, Taiwan
  • Christoph Sproul, Economics ’16 – English Teaching Assistantship, Germany
  • Carolyn Taratko, Ph.D. candidate in History – Research grant, Germany
  • Samuel Jeffrey (alternate), History ’16 – English Teaching Assistantship, Vietnam
  • Katherine McKenna (alternate), Ph.D. candidate in History – Research grant, Italy
  • Karen Sova (alternate), Cognitive Studies/Psychology/English ’16  – Research grant, South Africa

Vanderbilt students and alumni interested in learning more about Fulbright opportunities should contact the Office of Honor Scholarships to discuss their interests and qualifications no later than June 1. Because all candidates are interviewed for endorsement by faculty committees, the application deadline for all Vanderbilt candidates is Sept. 15, 2016.