VIDL calls for student prize nominations

The Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning (VIDL) is seeking nominations for two student awards: The Prize for Digital Innovation by an Undergraduate Student and the Prize for Digital Innovation by a Graduate or Professional Student.

Awards will consist of $500 for the top prize, $250 for second prize and $100 for third prize for both the undergraduate and graduate/professional categories.

Awards will be given for student projects that illustrate innovation in digital learning tied to either research or pedagogy, including research in the digital humanities. Awarded projects may emerge from course work or thesis or dissertation research, but are not limited to these types of projects.

A wide net for nominations will be cast, with the main goal being to highlight innovation. Nominated projects should illustrate new ideas or directions in digital learning.

Nominations should include:

  • A letter of nomination describing the project, explaining the reasons for which it was developed and highlighting its innovative features; and
  • The names of everyone involved if the project was carried out by more than one person, with the respective work percentage of each person described.

Self-nominations will be accepted.

Awards in the undergraduate category will only be given to projects for which the majority of the work was carried out by undergraduate students, and awards in the graduate/professional category will only be awarded to projects carried out primarily by graduate/professional students.

The deadline is April 15. Only projects completed in the last two years will be considered.

Nominations should be sent to with the subject heading “Student Prize.” Inquiries may be addressed to Ole Molvig (