Vanderbilt experts available to discuss Obama’s call for reduced testing in public schools

Peabody's Wyatt Center (Vanderbilt)

The Obama administration has called for a cap on testing in public elementary and secondary school classrooms in response to bipartisan opposition to high-stakes testing. Vanderbilt has several assessment and policy experts available to address this topic.

Marisa Cannata is an expert on standardized tests and education policy.

Gary T. Henry is an expert on education policy, educational evaluation and teacher quality.

Matthew Springer is an expert on the use of educator evaluations, incentive pay programs and value-added data.

Barbara Stengel is an expert on the impact of testing on teachers and students and why there is resistance to testing.

Vanderbilt has a 24/7 TV and radio studio. The studio is free for Vanderbilt experts, other than reserving fiber time.

Reporters may arrange interviews with these and other Peabody experts, by contacting or by calling (615) 322-NEWS.