What you need to know about 10-digit dialing, coming to Nashville Feb. 28

Beginning Feb. 28, all local phone providers will require phone users in Middle Tennessee to dial the entire 10-digit phone number when making local calls in preparation for the addition of the “629” area code in late March.

The change will not have an immediate impact on Vanderbilt, since the university and medical center’s phone system is programmed to automatically prepend the “615” area code when users dial only seven digits from Vanderbilt phones. However, this feature will be phased out as the “629” area code begins to overlay pre-existing “615” numbers on March 28.  To prepare for the phase out, Vanderbilt users are encouraged to begin using the 10-digit area code for all off-campus calls now.

While the new area code will affect outbound calling, many features of the Vanderbilt voice network will remain the same. The university will continue to provide five-digit dialing within the Vanderbilt voice network as it does today. Vanderbilt users will not need to use a V-Net number when calling either “615” or “629” numbers from Vanderbilt phones. Vanderbilt phone numbers will continue to have the “615” area code.

All faculty and staff are encouraged to update systems and devices that may have local seven-digit numbers stored, such as fax machines, speed dial and call forwarding on phones, alarm system auto dialers, applications that provide a phone directory service, and clinical applications with integrated dialing — for example, appointment reminders.

VUIT also recommends that departments begin publishing their full 10-digit numbers on websites, stationery and business cards.

For more information, please contact Andrew Hutchinson at


  • Start using the “615” area code for local calls now.
  • Five-digit dialing at Vanderbilt will continue.
  • No need to use V-Net for “615” or “629” calls.
  • Add the area code to any pre-programmed or speed dial systems.
  • Use all 10 digits when printing phone numbers on business cards and in other communications.