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Child and Family Center offers programs to support family caregivers

Jan. 7, 2015, 3:59 PM


Are you caring for an aging loved one? The Vanderbilt Child and Family Center can help by assisting you with the “unknowns” of caring for an aging parent or spouse.

Resources and services include:

Back-up care – A service for caregivers whose parents need help with in-home care. This service would be beneficial any time you have a gap in your adult care arrangements while you are working. For example, if your regular provider is unavailable and your loved one needs transportation to a doctor’s appointment, this service might help you.

Caregiver support group – A group of Vanderbilt employees who meet to share information and openly discuss their challenges without judgment.

Individual consultation  – A service for employees who want information about available services that may help them care for family members. Contact Vanderbilt’s family services coordinator, Stacey Bonner, at or (615) 936-1990 to schedule an appointment.

Lunchtime series – A monthly lunchtime session for caregivers who are currently caring or anticipate caring for a parent or spouse. Previous topics have included stress and the working caregiver, caring for someone with dementia, and the differences between Medicare and Medicaid.

Monthly newsletter – News highlights, tips for caregivers, articles about caregiving and upcoming events on and off campus. To sign up for the monthly newsletter, email

The One Stop Shop – A service for employees who want information regarding  pensions available for veterans and their surviving spouses, assistance determining whether aging loved ones are still safe at home, and help finding affordable in-home care assistance.

Visit the Vanderbilt Child and Family Center website for more resources and services for family caregivers.

For questions or to schedule an appointment, email or call (615) 936-1990.