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Vanderbilt receives eight Regional Emmy nominations

Nov. 21, 2014, 12:27 PM

Vanderbilt University received eight Regional Emmy nominations for excellence in television, the industry’s highest honor, when nominations were announced Thursday, Nov. 20.

Vanderbilt Video in University News and Communications received four nominations, along with four for Peabody College. The stories/categories nominated are:

  • Informational/Instructional Program: VUCast Extra: Journey to Discoveryhighlights the Asprinaut program, a partnership between Vanderbilt University Medical Center and K-20 schools. Emily Pearce, Pat Slattery and Brian Smokler, Vanderbilt Video, nominated.
  • Sportscast: VUCast Extra: We Are the Champions—Vanderbilt baseball team’s national championship win in Omaha. Pat Slattery and Emily Pearce, Vanderbilt Video, nominated.
  • Writer – Program (Non-News): VUCast Extra: Journey to Discovery. Emily Pearce, Vanderbilt Video, nominated.
  • Writer – Program (Non-News): How Bad Was It? A High School Comeback. Jack Isenhour, Peabody College, nominated.
  • Editor – Program: How Bad Was It? A High School Comeback. Lyle Jackson, Peabody College, nominated.

Winners will be announced Jan. 31, 2015, during a televised ceremony at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

Vanderbilt Video has received 37 Mid-South Regional Emmy nominations and won 11 times since the unit’s creation in 2007.