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Two from Vanderbilt will partner with Brazilian researchers

Last spring, Vanderbilt University entered into a partnership with FAPESP—the state research foundation of São Paulo and largest research foundation in Brazil—to foster collaborations between faculty at Vanderbilt and researchers affiliated with universities in the state of São Paulo.

In the first year of this partnership, two proposals have been selected for funding. Carl Johnson, Stevenson Professor of Biological Sciences, will work with researchers from the Universidade Federal de São Carlos, and Ralf Bennartz, professor of earth and environmental sciences, will collaborate with faculty from the Universidade Estadual Paulista/Rio Claro.

Information on the selected proposals is listed below and can be found on the FAPESP website.

  • Carl Johnson, Vanderbilt University, and Vadim Viviani, Universidade Federal de São Carlos

“Identification of the Luciferases and Accessory Proteins of the Bioluminescent System of Orfelia fultonii: Transcriptional and Proteomic Analysis”

  • Ralf Bennartz, Vanderbilt University, and Milton Cezar Ribeiro, Universidade Estadual Paulista/Rio Claro

“Remote Sensing and Vegetation Indices Applied to the Monitoring of Long-term and Large-scale Biodiversity Quality”