Vanderbilt Kennedy Center revamps website

The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center website, with a wealth of disability-related resources, has undergone a makeover. The fresh design retains the best features and content of the former site, with user-friendly navigation for families, students, researchers and clinicians, and disability-related professionals.

The redesigned site makes use of photos and photo sequences throughout to illustrate the range of VKC research, training, services and information dissemination. The home page accommodates more news, video and event features than the current site. An A-Z link was added to help users scan and find what best meets their needs.

VKC Communications staff worked with University Web Communications on the site design for the home page and secondary pages. VKC Information Technology Director Jon Tapp programmed the site and designed a content management system for staff to facilitate site maintenance.

During site planning, a broad range of VKC stakeholders, including its Community Advisory Council, reviewed the site design and plan and made recommendations to better serve the range of VKC audiences and information needs. Data on traffic to various sections of the current site guided decisions about main menus.

The mission of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center is to facilitate discoveries and best practices that make positive differences in the lives of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Use the Quick Links on the bottom of the home page to provide feedback.

For more information about the website or VKC, call (615) 322-8240.