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‘Trails’ offers unexpected moments for walks through campus

Jan. 22, 2014, 4:01 PM

"Trails" (image by The Kefi Project)

The Kefi Project, an organization dedicated to the creation of public art on the Vanderbilt campus, launched its newest installation, “Trails,” on Jan. 21.

The purpose of “Trails” is to create an unexpected element for walkers as they make their way through the Vanderbilt campus. Three campus pathways are lined with printed signs designed to add a surprising or thoughtful moment to the normal, busy work- or school day.

The Senior Class Fund is sponsoring one pathway, which features blurbs of advice from Vanderbilt seniors to freshmen. The pathway on main campus features fun or intriguing general knowledge facts. The third pathway, sponsored by Vanderbilt’s English Majors Association, features two poems by Centennial Professor of English Mark Jarman, “A.M. Fog” and “Groundswell.”

The Kefi Project’s goal is to unite creative individuals within the Vanderbilt community to rethink how users of the campus interact with their environment, organizers say. Through interdisciplinary and interdepartmental partnerships, the project aims to extend education beyond the classroom and into the spontaneous interactions of everyday life.

Contact: Katherine Sowa, (609) 760-9810