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Yunus speaks at Global Social Business Summit

Nov. 14, 2013, 9:08 AM

Muhammad Yunus, Phd‘71, and the 1996 Vanderbilt Distinguished Alumnus, was an inspiring keynote speaker during the fifth annual Global Social Business Summit. After Vanderbilt, Yunus began his active work to fight poverty in Bangladesh by issuing microcredit loans to the poor, eventually creating the Grameen Bank. Yunus and the bank were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for the work in alleviating poverty. He is using that experience to develop and advance the concept of social business, in which businesses follow models that seeks to address social problems through affordable products and services rather than maximizing profits.


  • Shannon Gazze

    I would love to see Vanderbilt take a leadership role in introducing Social Business to America. There are surely 1,000s of us out here that would work at a grass-roots level to promote Social Business as a way to revive our dying cities. We need a strong financial, media and educational base, however, to provide resources critical to such an effort. If Vanderbilt is going to embrace the fame Yunus has gained, the school should put its full backing behind his mission to advance Social Business and extinguish poverty! Please feel free to contact me to continue the conversation. — Shannon Gazze, A&S ’97.

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