Watch slideshow on making of Boom Box Bikes art project

Vanderbilt Associate Professor of Art Mark Hosford and University of São Paulo professor Mario Ramiro led a team of students Oct. 21–29 in Boom Box Bikes, a collaborative project that focused on transforming bicycles into mobile sound systems. The bikes became a moving mixing board as they came together and fanned apart during rides through the Vanderbilt campus and Nashville. This form of artistic expression, called sound urban intervention, brought students from various disciplines together for a unique creative experience.

Boom Box Bikes was part of Conversations/Conversas, a collaborative project platform initiated by Vanderbilt’s Department of Art and the School of Visual Art and Communications at the University of São Paulo to create artistic connections with Brazil. The goal of the project is to reflect on the legacy of modernist architecture, the future of urban imagination, and sustainability.

Conversations/Conversas participants engage in artistic exploration, conduct scholarly research and teach students with hands-on workshops and collaborations both in Nashville and São Paulo.

Learn more on the Boom Box Bikes blog.

Slide show by Lauren Holland and Susan Urmy of Vanderbilt Creative Services.

Contact: Mark Hosford