Vanderbilt IT All Hands Meeting reviews progress, recognizes staff

From left: Senior VUIT leaders Monroe Wesley, Sal Ortega, Dave Mathews and Andrew Hutchinson joined Vice Chancellor John M. Lutz, center, for a discussion on “Securely Operating in an Increasingly Connected World” during the division’s All Hands Meeting Oct. 2 at the Student Life Center. (Joseph Howell / Vanderbilt)

The staff of Vanderbilt IT gathered Oct. 2 at the Student Life Center for their second All Hands Meeting since the division launched June 27, 2013.

Vice Chancellor John M. Lutz reviewed the new division’s accomplishments thus far, which include “right sizing” the organization, developing a governance structure and implementing a new customer-focused team.

Doug Fisher, director of the new Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning, spoke to the audience of approximately 500 about his and the university’s online learning experience and initiatives. Staff members receiving service awards this year were recognized at the event, which featured a performance by the new Vanderbilt IT All Star Band.

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