Beat the heat with these indoor exercise options

(Vanderbilt University)

With temperatures on the rise, indoor exercise is one way to beat the heat. Check out these activities that Health Plus is sponsoring:

Online workouts – These workouts are great for home workouts, traveling or simply doing some activity at your work station.

Health Plus Fitness Center  – The facility includes cardio equipment, strength equipment and fitness evaluations led by certified fitness trainers as well as a variety of group fitness classes offered on and off campus.

Aerobics Challenge – Every time you take a group fitness class, whether at Health Plus or offsite, you can earn points and possibly a prize

The Start! Challenge 2 is still in progress. Record your activities in the Start! Activity Tracker, accumulate a total of at least 200,000 steps by June 30 and receive an exercise band.

Contact: Brad Awalt, (615) 343-9468