Milestone for Opportunity Vanderbilt

Opportunity Vanderbilt is the epitome of a community effort. As of April 2013, the initiative has received nearly $150 million to support undergraduate scholarship endowment, thanks to the generosity of alumni, parents and other supporters.

Undertaken in 2008, Opportunity Vanderbilt is the biggest investment in financial aid in Vanderbilt history. It represents the university’s commitment to ensure access to all eligible students, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. Vanderbilt is among only a handful of universities nationwide that are need-blind in the admissions process, meet full demonstrated need for all undergraduates, and do so without including need-based loans in financial aid packages.

Kathleen Cardell, a first-year student at Peabody College and recipient of the Madden Family Scholarship, recalls her reaction when she learned about her scholarship. “It showed me how much Vanderbilt is invested in ensuring students have the best opportunity possible here,” she says. “It just would not be possible for me to be here without the scholarship.”

Kathleen Cardell

Though a great achievement, the $150 million milestone also serves as a reminder that Vanderbilt is still far from securing the endowment necessary to support the full financial aid needs of all talented undergraduates. Learn more about how you can help.

Young alumni, you’ve been challenged to give! Read more about the GOLD Challenge.

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