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Data and voice outage on parts of campus

Apr. 10, 2013, 7:37 AM

UPDATE 8:02 AM: Data network service to all buildings affected has been restored. Phone Service that is based on Lync and Voice over IP has been restored as well. Work toward restoring traditional voice service continues, but is expected to take several hours to a few days to completely restore service.

7:37 AM: A fiber and copper cable was cut around midnight resulting in a complete voice and data outage to the following buildings: Wilson Hall,Law,Terrace Place and surrounding areas, Baker Building, Loew’s – (Was interrupted at time of cable cut but has since been restored onto the backup circuit). ITS has staff and contractors on site working to repair the cables and bring services back up. Data network and Lync phones were restored to all buildings early this morning. Restoring traditional voice service will start this morning and will be incremental but could take a couple of days for all buildings to be restored.