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Watch: Panel discusses early intervention’s effect on children living in poverty

The Peabody Research Institute hosted a well-attended panel discussion on the effects of early intervention on children living in poverty March 18 at The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons. Members of the Vanderbilt community and the general public attended and took part in a lively discussion.

The panel featured:

  • Ron Haskins, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a senior consultant at The Annie E. Casey Foundation;
  • W. Steve Barnett, professor of education economics and public policy at Rutgers University and director of the National Institute for Early Education Research;
  • Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, professor of child development at Teachers College of Columbia University and co-director of the National Center for Children and Families; and

The discussion was focused on existing research and the policy implications related to sustainability of the effects of intervention models.