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Community Health Charities gives hope to those battling illness and chronic disease

by | Dec. 3, 2012, 8:55 AM

Facing illness, whether personally or through the experience of a friend or family member, is an unavoidable part of life. Sooner or later, we’re all touched by cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental illness or any number of health conditions.

Cheryl Chunn (Vanderbilt University)

Cheryl Chunn (Vanderbilt University)

Associate Dean of Development and Alumni Relations for the Owen Graduate School of Management Cheryl Chunn is no exception. She’s had family members who’ve battled cancer, close friends living with arthritis and even friends with family members who are dealing with diabetes. Chunn’s care for the people in her life has inspired her to give monetarily to organizations combating these diseases, and six years ago, she joined the board of Community Health Charities of Tennessee.

The organization, a federation of 39 health-related charities across the state, is working for a healthier community. Right now, one in four of our co-workers, family members and friends are dealing with a chronic health condition as a patient or caregiver. CHC’s member charities have local offices serving the Nashville community through vital medical research, support programs, financial assistance, educational materials and other patient services. CHC also delivers credible health information and provides community-focused volunteer activities.

Gifts can be made to Community Health Charities of Tennessee and its member organizations through Dec. 31, 2012.

Chunn, who serves as president of the Community Health Charities of Tennessee board, donates her free time and energy to working with large employers across the state to establish workplace giving campaigns among their employees.

“Employers recognize that their employees have a strong desire to give back to the community, and the employers want to be good stewards and facilitators of that giving,” said Chunn, noting that Vanderbilt has long been a leader in this area.

Vanderbilt has such a wonderful reputation of giving back,” she said, “so our partnership is a win-win for Vanderbilt and for CHC’s member charities.”

CHC carefully vets the health charities in its federation, making sure that each is an established organization and meets a criteria of providing education, conducting research, and giving assistance to patients and their families.

“We package the state’s most trusted health charities together so that you can choose to which ones you’d like to give,” Chunn said. “Because we have 39 member charities, you can give your dollars and let CHC split your donation across them, or you can designate them individually.”

CHC’s streamlined organizational structure and reliance on dedicated volunteers help keep administrative costs low so that more of each donation reaches its intended charity, making a real difference in the lives of those battling illness in Tennessee—our family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors.

“It’s boots on the ground,” Chunn said. “It’s board members helping out, opening up doors, providing contacts.”

How You Can Help

Community Health Charities of Tennessee improves the lives of people affected by illness and chronic disease by connecting donors in the workplace with the state’s most trusted health charities to deliver credible health information, community-focused volunteer activities and efficient charitable giving. It enhances the operations, programs and services of its health-related member charities in Tennessee. Please consider making a donation to CHC today.

Community giving is tax-deductible and continues through Dec. 31. Payroll deduction makes it easy to spread a gift out over 12 months, and deductions begin in January 2013. Visit the Vanderbilt Gives: Building a Community With Hope website for more information about giving options and to make your gift today.

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