Credit Union back in Oxford House after renovation

The Vanderbilt University Credit Union will move back to its redesigned and renovated offices in the Oxford House, opening for business on Monday, Nov. 5.

Since the renovation of the Oxford House space began in June, the Credit Union has been in temporary quarters on Vanderbilt Place.

“My staff and I are all excited about the new space and how it will better serve our members,” said Michael Bittle, director of the Credit Union.

The renovation included an increase from two to four teller windows and additional space for service desks and loan officers.

The space is used more efficiently, resulting in more privacy for members, and the use of a black-and-gold color palette brands the Credit Union as a Vanderbilt unit, Bittle said.

This was the first renovation of the space since 1987 and includes the addition of a permanent ATM at the Oxford House for deposits and cash withdrawals.

“I had three priorities for the renovation,” Bittle said. “A better use of our existing space; making sure people knew it was ‘the’ Vanderbilt University Credit Union when they walked through the door; and being back in the space before Christmas Club check day (Nov. 14). We have accomplished all three.”

The Credit Union opened in 1959 and currently has more than 7,300 members.

Contact: Michael Bittle, (615) 936-0300