Dan Roden: “Genomes, Hype, and a Realistic Pathway to Personalized Medicine”


Watch video of the Chancellor’s Lecture Series, featuring a talk by Dr. Dan Roden: “Genomes, Hype, and a Realistic Pathway to Personalized Medicine”

Roden is widely-recognized for his expertise in clinical, genetic, cellular, and molecular basis of arrhythmia susceptibility and variability responses to arrhythmia therapies. Over the past decade, he has led Vanderbilt’s broader efforts in pharmacogenomics discovery and implementation. Currently, he directs the Vanderbilt DNA databank, BioVU and the John A. Oates Institute for Experimental Therapeutics.  Roden also serves as Principal Investigator for the Vanderbilt sites of the National Institutes of Health’s Pharmacogenomics Research Network and the National Human Genome Research Institute’s Electronic Medical Records and Genomics network.

During this lecture, Roden led a conversation focused on DNA, genetic variations, and the roles they play in effecting health outcomes. Against this background, he engaged us in a relevant and riveting conversation that bunks the hype and cuts right to the facts of how modern personalized medicine allows physicians to use a patient’s DNA to tailor the best possible treatment for various illnesses and conditions.

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